Tikka Boulevard
Tikka Boulevard
Indian Grills and More
  • Welcome to Tikka Boulevard

    Tikka Boulevard® is an Indian
    fast casual restaurant concept
    that serves fresh grilled
    kababs, popular Indian curries,
    biryanis and Innovative
    Indian style wraps
    and sandwiches at reasonable
    prices in a contemporary,
    clean and friendly environment.
  • At Tikka Boulevard®

    Our focus is to bring the
    fresh grilled tikkas and
    a few other handpicked delicacies
    of Indian cuisine, available
    on the streets of North India,
    to the Boulevards of North America.

    The word “Tikka” means
    boneless bite size pieces
    of meat spiced in different
    flavors such as tandoori,
    garlic, saffron etc. in
    a yogurt based marinade
    and grilled on skewers.
    Our tikkas are marinated for
    at least 24 hours before being
    "flame grilled to order"
    to give that irresistible
    succulent taste and texture.
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